Shawnee County CDDO

Council of Community Members

What is the Council of Community Members?

Consistent with the provisions of the DD Reform Act, the Shawnee County Council of Community Members is a dedicated volunteer group comprised of parents, guardians, service industry professionals, recipients of services within the DD system, and community stakeholders. The focus of the group is assuring service/support availability and assuring the needs identified by children and adults with disabilities and their families are met. 

Shawnee County Council of Community Members

Carolyn Mowery, Chair
Ron Bennett, Vice Chair
Vacant Seat, Secretary

Michelle Clark
Ron Bennett
Michelle Clark
Delores Cummings
Tiffanie Desch
Angie Dougan
Coleen Hernandez
Mary Kennedy
Erica Koontz
Barbara McCummins
Carolyn Mowery
Lindsey Myer
Sabrina Winston

Council of Community Members Documents